Rannveigs Fasten

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Rannveigs Fasten


Rannveigs Fasten ist eine Ruine der Nord im Süden von Morthal. It is the hiding place of Sild der Hexenmeister who has killed a number of people and subjugated their ghosts, using them as guards. When they attack, these ghosts all say "I'm sorry, this isn't what I want".

At the back of the main chamber is a conspicuous chest. The unwary will likely fall down the trap door directly in front of it, landing in a locked, semi-submerged cage with a number of dead bodies. This cage is in Sild's lab.

In the lab is a table with an Alchemielabor, an Ungewöhnlicher Stein, a copy of Das Grauen auf Burg Xyr and Silds Tagebuch. There are also a number of cells, some with victims still in them, albeit dead ones.